Follow our creation of the latest Chitty Bang Bang Replica, based on origianl drawings, patterns and using knowledge from some of those that actually worked on the original car. You wont find a better, more accurate Chitty out there!

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When any vintage car pulls up at a pub what do all the children (and adults) say?


"Is that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"


The 1968 movie of Chitty has inspired people across the world to not only own a vintage car but to find a wreck and restore it as did Caractacus Potts for his twin children Jeremy and Jemima.


The movie was loosely based on a trio of stories written by the James Bond author Ian Fleming for his young son Casper.


The stories were re-worked with the assistance of Roald Dahl and a wonderful musical movie was created with an incredible music score written by the Sherman Brothers.


Great music, famous actors, brilliant story and lovely film locations – what more could you ask for?

Oh yes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – the undisputed star of the whole film.


The car was created purely as a large film prop. Several were made and the finished creation was quite a masterpiece. Polished aluminium, wooden boat body, sweeping fenders, large red wheels, sumptuous leather seats and lots of brass!


A few years ago, whilst riding on the Monorail at Beaulieu Motor Museum with my wife Jane, I looked down on the original EON Productions Chitty Bang and said that its about time I actually built a Chitty. Seriously!


And so our journey began!

Using original drawings, castings and information from some that actually worked on the original car, authenticity is the key with this Chitty example.


Follow our creation of the latest and most accurate Chitty Chitty Bang Bang replica!

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