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When any vintage car pulls up at a pub what do all the children (and adults) say?


"Is that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"


The 1968 movie of Chitty has inspired people across the world to not only own a vintage car but to find a wreck and restore it as did Caractacus Potts for his twin children Jeremy and Jemima.


The movie was loosely based on a trio of stories written by the James Bond author Ian Fleming for his young son Casper.


The stories were re-worked with the assistance of Roald Dahl and a wonderful musical movie was created with an incredible music score written by the Sherman Brothers.


Great music, famous actors, brilliant story and lovely film locations – what more could you ask for?

Oh yes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – the undisputed star of the whole film.


The car was created purely as a large film prop. Several were made and the finished creation was quite a masterpiece. Polished aluminium, wooden boat body, sweeping fenders, large red wheels, sumptuous leather seats and lots of brass!


A few years ago, whilst riding on the Monorail at Beaulieu Motor Museum with my wife Jane, I looked down on the original EON Productions Chitty Bang and said that its about time I actually built a Chitty. Seriously!


And so our journey began!

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