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Practical Classics Restorer of the Year Award

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Restorer of the Year.jpg

The first reveal of winning the coveted GOLDEN SPANNER award for the creation of Chitty.

Classic Car and Restoration Show

March 2019 NEC


Chitty being displayed as 'Work in Progress' at the NEC Restoration Show.


Caractacus Potty Rich was interviewed and gave a fun insight into the Chitty creation on the NEC LIVE STAGE.

Dad NEC.jpg
Mum Copythorne.jpg

Copythorne Steam Fair 2019


Truly Scrumptious Jane and Chitty enjoying the Red Carpet Treatment.

Netley Marsh

Steam Fair 2019


Caractacus Potty Rich and Chitty enjoying 3 days at Netley Marsh Steam Fair.


We were visited by hundreds of enthusiasts plus posed with a stunt driver and incredibly tall juggler!

Dad Copythorne.jpg
Netley Marsh.jpg
Prac Clac Chitty.jpg

Practical Classics Magazine Article

A nice article about Chitty creation.

Concorde Classics 2019


A wonderful and established charity event that raises amazing amounts for deserving charities.

Hopefully Chitty at the main entrance helped fill those buckets with cash! 

White Hart Chitty.jpg

White Hart, Cadnam


Richard and Chitty enjoy supporting local businesses.


This was a charming local Christmas Fair.


We just managed to drive home before the heavens opened - Oh that rain.

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